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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Tuesday, December 27, 2005 A limerick per day....

or three, simply because I wanted to be able to say:

These limericks are examples of what you won't find in an erotic romance novel:

There was a couple willing and able
To make love on a rickety table
Three legs caved in
She grazed her chin
And his condition is given as "stable"...

There once was a bloke from Bermuda
Who flew with a girl on Garuda
After a big glass of brandy
He got rather randy
Took her to the loo and screwed her...

There was a boy from Cadiz
Whose love life had little fizz
Whenever he tried
He dried up inside
And couldn't go on with the biz...
I got another kick ass review today for When I close my eyes which put me in a *big smiley face* mood. But Jaci will wipe that smile from my face if I don't get my DAMN book done soon. I'm sorta deadline +2.5 and counting....gee, I love my CP...

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