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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Tuesday, December 20, 2005 The tree's still standing...

And it's 5 days til Christmas.
In case you're visiting this blog for the first time and going WTF?, I'm referring to the phenomenon that caused this family to erect a Christmas tree for the first time in years. The cats who own, rule and destroy this house have firmly been intent on investigating said tree, including the removal of most of the ornament on the lower levels as well as nearly ALL the needles on those branches. One string of lights doesn't work, and I hate to think someone chomped a light. *wince* But the tree's standing. I may have to eat my words cuz I was sure it'd be down by now...

My shopping isn't done. I sorta ran out of cash (I'm a no credit kinda girl). Well, ran out of hands on cash and I a) refuse to touch what little savings I have and b) I get paid in two days and haven't already allocated 110% of it to bills. So, I'll finish with the rest of the mad zombies on Thursday night and Friday. I'm sooooo thinking cash. It really is the best present, isn't it?

I've zero time to do it, but I've been bloghopping. Angie submitted the Breakfast Bitches Blog to Italk2Much. We got smacked! So when I went over to check out what was said about us, I found myself reading blogs and laughing/groaning appreciatively. I could become addicted. Truly. Sometimes I go see the zero smacks cuz one just can't look away from a trainwreck in progress. I read the four and five smacks cuz I gotta see what makes a blog a"mustread"....

And now I need to get back to the DH' statitistics homework. I'm sooooo getting an orgasm outta this.

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