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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Wednesday, November 23, 2005 And the beat goes on...

Be it the thundering heartbeat of those getting the call, or me beating the desk while arguing with the muse--or beating the desk, laughing my ASS off at the silly things we discuss at breakfast with the bitches.

So, let's go in order, and (inserting disclaimer) in case you're thinking, it's the day before Thanksgiving here...let's stay on topic--I am, I am! All of these things I'm thankful for--publishing companies, a story to write and most of all, my friends.

Three people I've known for eons upon eons, from way back when I was a girl with a dream to write and so excited to find kindred spirits. We've all grown, changed, but we're all still writing, each having found our own voice and style--and now it seems we're reunited again at Samhain Publishing. Give a big shout out to Rae, Dee and Emma for their BIG sales news! :)

As for me, I'm counting down the minutes until I can bust outta this office and start the hectic run.

Twas the night before Thanksgiving and all through the stores
Not a cart was open, not a checkout line free.
Last minute shopping was well in full swing
When I stopped at the grocer to grab a few things.
The smart ones were home, mixing and dicing,
Their turkey sure to be done on time, ready for slicing.
But I in my haste, was running behind
And stuck in the world's longest supermarket line.

When out of the loudspeaker clanged such a noise
"Price check, price check for these doggie toys."
The groan was so loud, the entire store sighed
And looking around, I could see why.
Mothers with toddlers, their coats all askew
Were wrestling and tugging for something to chew.
Tempers were fading, smiles no where in sight
And I wondered why holidays lead to such plight.
My shoulder was aching from my load, though light
and I didn't think I would leave there that night.

Where's Santa when I need him, to save me from this grief?
But alas, there's the service desk, motioning relief.
I dug for my saver's card and whipped out my cash
Hoping to be home in less than a flash.
The clerk looked so tired, so ready to be done
With a night of madness--no one could call this fun.
I suffered a smile and took my food
Sidestepped a frazzled mother and her unhappy brood.
When I got to my truck, I sighed and looked back
Then clenched my fists over my hard-fought sacks.
Thanksgiving, I thought, with a laugh rather dry
I'd rather go fast food, with a burger and fry.


Posted by Melani Blazer :: 11:28 AM :: 3 comments

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