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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Tuesday, November 15, 2005 The bad, the good, the not at all ugly...

So last night I have to take my daughter, aka Goose, to the Urgent Care facility because the pain in her ears has not gone away. In fact, she was complaining of more often occurrences of sharp, stabbing pain. Not good. Doc agrees. So very not good. With a little Rx, she'll heal, and until then, milk her woes for all it's worth. Oh, to be the kid again.

Anyway, last night, while sitting in the waiting room, I continued my cruel and inhuman critiquing treatment of Jaci's Surviving Demon Island. With 70 pages to go, the doc summoned us and technically, that became the last breath of my poor wittle waptop. I do back up, less often than I should with laptop because of it's lack of a writable drive, but... seems I lost a blurb (yeah, groan with me) about a chapter of my latest WIP and ALL of my crit notes on SDI. Pissed? Oh yeah. And while my best buddies down at the 'puter repair shop consider it a piece of cake to provide me with a CD containing the precious contents of the "My Documents" file, I'm still nervous.

But, then I got an email from the person (Michelle) who reviewed Brand Name Dates, sending me the review, and ending her email with "Keep writing! I love your voice." Now if that doesn't give an author a positive kick in the pants, nothing will. :) And then, if THAT wasn't good enough, I get an email with THIS in it....

I'm thinking it's not so bad of a day after all....

Posted by Melani Blazer :: 3:06 PM :: 3 comments

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