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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Wednesday, October 19, 2005 Sudden Attack of the Nerves

I actually think I've got more jitters about Brand Name Dates releasing than any of my previous stories through Ellora's Cave.
Half of me pretends to know why, the other half thinks I'm just channeling my daughter's drama queen-itis. Maybe because I wrote this book way before any of my Ellora's Cave stories. And it's written in first person, which seems to make it sooooo much more intimate to me. Plus, this is *the* book that my daughter, my sister, my grandmother and maybe even my own mother will read. Mom-in-law read it already and gave me thumbs up, (she's a dear, everyone needs a mom in law like her...). *sigh* And yes, some of my close friends have read it and assured me it won't be a literary embarrassment, but still....

The half of me that isn't nervous and shaking is jumping up and down with excitement. Cerridwen Press has given me the opportunity to be funny, flirty, sassy, even oozing sarcasm with this book. Nostalgically, I look back to when I wrote it and smile--even laugh, as I remember IM conversations with my CP, Jaci Burton, as I told her about the "dates" and what clothes Jill would equate them too on this metaphoric shopping spree of hers. There was some ridiculously hilarious outfits that never made it to the book, some I wished I could have shoehorned in there (but I was trying to keep it under 100K!) I might dig up some notes and post them here. :) That would be fun, wouldn't it?

Anyway, my nerves are only getting worse by continuing to type, so to save you from reading my babbling lunacy, I'll sign off and see if I can't keep myself sane for 24 more hours.

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