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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Monday, September 19, 2005 Manic Monday

Normally, I commiserate with the lyrics of that song. Monday's are usually...hectic, but I rarely complain because staying busy makes the day job go fast. Today was a little more than hectic. But it also was a day for putting things in perspective.

I won't bore you with the details, but my boss's office had a major tussle with the hot water heater located directly above it. Since gravity was rooting for the water heater, it won. His desk, computer, briefcase and well, everything in, on and around it were bathed in soggy ceiling tiles and dirty water. It was lovely.

But while we had to deal with trying to carry on with the normal Monday duties while assessing and minimizing damage--we all laughed. Immediately we knew, without saying, that it could have been worse. I think all of you know that, too. Granted, I know the boss was frustrated and knew this was going to hit the pocketbook, he kept up amazingly upbeat and on track. Normally I don't praise him, but for once, he didn't dwell on the negative, but rather joked all day about "being all washed up" and "soaking wet" and any other quip he could think of. Files can be replaced. He did mourn several photographs that won't survive, but again, we all know that's piddly compared to people in this world facing losses on much grander scales.

So on the way home, I hear the song, Manic Monday. I laughed. Lord, I laughed. Because while I was exhausted, my clothing bore the signs of lifting, carrying and sorting wet everything, I was still done for the day, on my way home and had the ability TO laugh. What good is that ability if we don't use it? Manic Monday? The Bangles capitalized on it, why shouldn't we all?

I just pray tomorrow is ALOT calmer. Cuz the only thing I can think of is Terrible Tuesday. *groan*

Posted by Melani Blazer :: 9:14 PM :: 2 comments

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