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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Sunday, September 04, 2005 Coming September 28th!

Upcoming Release!!!!! Posted by Picasa

Anyone like vampires? Hot sexy vampires, even.... and haunted houses? In just a few short weeks, this anthology, containing my story, Haunted Redemption will be available from Ellora's Cave!

Blurb: He isn’t the Scott she once knew. Lili never expected to see him again, but when she does, the sparks between them make Halloween a night to remember. It had been at a haunted house ten years earlier that Scott had disappeared. Lili has no intention of letting history repeat itself.
Scott returns, desperate to see the woman he’d left behind, knowing he’ll have one night—one night to savor for an eternity. He hasn’t counted on the power of their attraction—and the devastating effects his secret will have on the woman he loves.

Excerpt: Haunted Redemption, (c) 2005 Melani Blazer

Scott caught his breath when she'd opened the door and looked around. There was a sense of awe on her face. Lord, was she beautiful. The candles made her pale skin glow and her eyes seem so large and full of life. Even her lips looked pink and ready to be kissed.

He backed even more in the corner and arranged his hardening cock. She was ripe. Sexy. It'd been a long, damn time.

"Scott?" she called softly.

"Come in, Lili. I've been waiting."

Her eyes darted to the corners where the light didn't reach. His skin tingled as she looked right at him and paused. He wanted her to see him. To know him. To want to see him again.

"Waiting for what?"

He admired the way she stood there at the door, one hand still behind her on the knob. Her chin was up, her eyes searching, her posture straight. The years had been good to her. There was strength there now. She'd come into her own.

It made him crazy with want for her. But he had to tone that down and go easy. "You were all I could think about tonight. Tell me, Lili, do vampires intrigue you?"

She released her hold and took two steps into the room. The candles hit the red highlights in her hair and made it look like a halo of fire surrounded her. She was thinner, too, those lovely curves more defined. Her creamy skin glowed in the candlelight. He'd imagined her, dreamed her so many times in a room like this that he wondered if this was another of his mind’s creations or if it were finally real.

"Vampire?" she asked, her bottom lip sticking out slightly as she frowned, then shrugged. "All things Halloween intrigue me. The vampire myth suits me. What about you?"

He pushed the top hat lower on his head and took a step forward. He smiled when he heard her gasp. The extra touch of the black tuxedo and top hat was definitely worth the amazement and split second of unguarded interest that flashed on her face. "My costume of choice is certainly Dracula. Women find him irresistible."

His cock tightened even more as her eyes traced up his legs and over his torso. She squinted as she looked at his face. He held his breath. Waiting.

"And your purpose for this costume tonight?"

Touché. He applauded her sass. "Ah, it's a twofold purpose you see. I certainly had hoped you would allow me a dance." Walking up to her, he drank in her beauty. He wanted to memorize every inch of skin, every curve and valley of her body. Then he took her hand and bowed, pressing a kiss to the middle of her palm.

She gasped.

"May I?" he asked.

Despite the indecision in her eyes, he knew she wouldn't say no. He'd taken the steps to make sure it wasn't easy for her to walk away.

He walked around her, forcing her to turn and follow his movements as he eyed the gentle dip of her waist and that flash of cleavage against the stark white cotton. The way she stood there, her stare unflinchingly direct, her posture straight, almost defiant, made his mouth water for her. If she let him, no, when she let him, he intended to taste every inch of her flesh. But he hadn't even coaxed her into his arms yet.

Taking her hand again, he made her half turn into his embrace. Perfect. Her eyes widened as she grabbed his shoulders to steady herself. Reaching down with his free hand, he touched the remote in his pocket. Music from nearly a century earlier filled the room. He hoped it enticed her to dance with him.

He wanted to freeze that moment and memorize her wondrous smile. She looked up and around as if transported back in time, much the way he'd felt when he'd walked into this room. No way would he allow the atmosphere here to be compromised with the modern props they'd used downstairs.

"Dance with me," he whispered, leaning close and encircling her waist with one hand. Together they crossed the scarred wooden floor in a simple waltz. She felt so right in his arms, from the cherished way he held her to the gentle pressure he exuded while leading the dance. He drank her in, the way the candlelight played over the color of her hair to the way it contrasted with her creamy skin. He’d missed this. God, he’d missed her. With each simple breath, her scent filled his nostrils, both jarring memories he thought he’d forgotten and creating amazing new ones. She wore a faint perfume, something very light and feminine, slightly floral mixed with a hint of vanilla. Innocence. That was her aura. Despite the costume, despite his own intimate knowledge of her body, she radiated a purity that had him desperate to possess her and protect her all at once.

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