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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Friday, August 26, 2005 For my pal...

I knew the day would come.

A few years ago, someone special popped into my life. It's amazing how...uneventful a meeting like that can seem--after all, I met LOTS of people the same way, by corresponding on writing related message boards--but how truly life altering it is.

I met Jaci Burton back before she'd signed a contract with Ellora's Cave, before she realized how talented she was at writing erotic romance. Of course, back then, I thought she was a fabulous writer, her words seemed to shine, seem to fit into a sentence better than my awkward attempts. I truly did look up to her then. By some luck of fate, (as I recall it, anyway) we managed to realize via a forum conversation that we were entering the same unpubbed writer contest and exchanged our work for crit before sending it out. From there, my recollection was blurred, but I know there was another contest we discussed, as well as current projects, submissions, and from there we forged a bond that to me became absolutely amazing.

She's really been an inspiration and a teacher, a mentor of sorts, tho I bet she denies feeling as if she were any of those. She's got such a true voice, a brilliant talent. And she was so willing to give--advice, critiques, encouragement and share ideas--still does in fact, despite her busy schedule. I've no misconceptions that I would find myself at this point in my career without her beside me.

When she sold to Ellora's Cave, I was ecstatic for her. Finally, someone had seen the talent. With that encouragement, it seemed her writing took off like a runaway train. I've lost count of her books with that publisher, but it seemed each was a hit, and her writing and person shone like the brightest star.

And now... My God, Jaci, I'm so proud of you. If I hadn't seen it unfold, I think I'd be filled with disbelief that it happened so quickly and without the stumbling blocks that so many find in their paths. Getting an agent, writing the brilliant proposal (it WASN'T crap, when ya gonna finally believe me?) and then having multiple interest on it. My chest is full, my eyes overflowing as I realize that THIS... a contract with Bantam Dell...was more than we ever even THOUGHT about all those years ago, back when winning a contest or getting a request on a query was our next goal.

Friend, I'm honored to know you, to know what a good hearted person you are, what a truly talented writer you are, and to finally have all your hard work realized. I'm not sure I could be happier right now, under any circumstances...(someone send me a million dollars just to test that theory...?).

I think the last line of the book I just finished not only sums up my hero/heroine's fairy tale romance, but your life right now.... Dreams really can come true.

Love you, hon.

Posted by Melani Blazer :: 7:58 PM :: 3 comments

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