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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Sunday, October 16, 2005 oooh, a tangent....

Don't EVEN think math, either. *shudder*

The other night I was IM'ing with my daughter (she was at the grandparent's) and she informed me that she might have sold some of my books. Hmmm, hello? Anyway, turns out the teacher was reading something she thought might have been Ellora's Cave (omg at the thought of a teacher bringing that book to school--AND reading it during study time for her students...) anyhoot, Goose walked up to the teacher and went about the whole sales spiel of her mommy writing and all. Turns out the book wasn't EC, but the teacher did know about EC. That's good, I guess. :)

The conversation went into the concept that Goose, at 14, could read Brand Name Dates. She also asked me about another book (unsubmitted) that she wanted to read, but unfortunately, can't at this point. I thought about revising, but then that dear muse o'mine came up with the concept of writing a book FOR Goose--starring semi biographical characters based on her and her three friends.

So...the mess has begun, and in between them dreaming up character traits (I really do have final say in this) I'm trying to write what Jaci calls... "Hot Nascar Sex".... if only I could get the characters alone to HAVE any. Jeeesh.

How was your weekend?

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