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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Tuesday, October 25, 2005 Dude, where's my condom?

I did it again.
I supposed because I've been married for over 15 years, I don't think about that extra step between foreplay and penetration that requires a thin piece of plastic to separate the hero and heroine. Condom? Wassat?

Way back when, Angie did a post about reading contemporaries and how frustrated she was and TSTL she felt the characters were when they had sex without protection. Even on the pill, a condom should be used. I totally agree with her. Really, I do. If I could only remember to stick about four or five of those puppies in the heroine's purse or hero's wallet before locking them someplace to finally get to the deed. It's not like I can actually write him zipping up his jeans and heading out to the nearest Walgreen's, can I? (No, I do not write comedy on a regular basis, that's Shan's territory...)

So, last night I write this hot sex scene. When I wake up this morning I realized it. No protection. These characters are not TSTL. Neither would/could/will make a dumbass decision, no matter how horny they are. Mel is just a moron and now must go back and invent a bedside table in which a full box of condoms reside, just for this moment. And then prevent the heroine from asking why he's so prepared, cuz she arrived without notice. (I'm so digging myself a plot hole here....) All because of ONE LITTLE BITTY SCRAP OF RUBBER. *sigh*

Thanks Angie, I really appreciate you opening my eyes to this driving need. I wonder if I can a) send my characters back in time to a date in which Trojan meant the big bad horse and nothing else or b) just ignore it and hope nobody mentions the lack of total DUH on these characters parts.

Mel, off to install a condom dispenser in hero's bedroom....

Posted by Melani Blazer :: 7:55 PM :: 2 comments

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