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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Saturday, March 18, 2006 March Madness

Yeah, the big deal right now is basketball. I live in Indiana, where people eat, breathe and otherwise live everything to do with the big orange ball. It was a job requirement for us all to fill out brackets, (us gals did it blindly since none of us follow college hoops) but we have fun.

I find more madness in March. Mercury is clearly screwing with people's heads because I've heard so much on blogs, loops and emails about people who have let their fingers do the walking before letting their brains engage. And this is on SEVERAL subjects, so I'm not targeting any one person or topic... It just amazes me. I love what Shan basically said on her discussion of "knock off plots"... be careful who you Sh*t on because you never know who's ass you have to kiss tomorrow.

As for me, I've been diligently working on a proposal and chapters. My Editor at Samhain is telling me 2nd round of edits will be coming for Believe the Magic, which I'm excited to work on. No, don't take my temperature. I really enjoy the book. It makes me laugh. :) And I love that my editor is helping me make the structure, characters and plot line so much better.

I'll try to blog more often. Busy busy busy!!!!

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