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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Monday, January 30, 2006 YES!

Doesn't it feel great to accomplish something. It really is sweeter when the road to "the end" is long and bumpy. Of course, who's dumb enough to chose that road from the get-go, I dunno, but, hey, at least I'm looking on the bright side.

Technically, I'm not "done" with edits, because I'm on the brink of 100K and really would like to hit that century mark, even tho my editor isn't requiring it. I'll scan through a few scenes and see if I can't find some places to tweak. But I've addressed all zillion comments and am thrilled with the way this book cleaned up.

Big wahooo's to Shannon Stacey for a kick ass review of a kick ass book. I snuck in time to read Forever Again and omg, was it good. To me, this review summarized my emotions while reading it. It is real, very heart warming and heart wrenching and the characters were definitely NOT cookie cutter. Check it out!

Jaci has a new, smokin' hot cover for her Feb 1st release. I had the chance to read part of this story (dying to read the end!!!) and trust me, it's one of Jaci's HOT HOT HOT faerie stories. You will NOT be disappointed.

and finally, I'm totally digging on Angie's new blog graphics. Mandy hooked her up with some great stuff, eh? Love it. :)

If anyone has a myspace.com account, come check me out and gimme an "add"

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