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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Thursday, June 23, 2005 Who's crazy idea was that anyway?

My daughter's been playing with a free website--you know, one of those freewebs.com accounts where she technically gets X amount of webspace to "goof off" in. She's changed her home page about 15 times today. I give up a) helping and b) keeping up with what her grandiose idea is this hour.

However, my husband perks up and commandeers her into building HIM a webpage to showcase his car and the progress he makes on this beast of all beasts. Actually, I think it's a neat idea and convinced the two of them that a blog would be a better idea.

What was *I* thinking? Cuz of course, the daughter knows nothing about blogs and therefore drags ME to the computer to start editing a template. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
Honestly tho, I think I'll make her do the grunt work, i.e. determining those hideous 6 number color codes and scanning, editing the pictures we'll be using for blog background, etc. :)

Stay tuned, you KNOW I'll link to it once it's not embarrassingly.... green. (OY! but it looked like the most workable template. I'm cheap--I'm not paying for it since I can't guarantee he'll even post next months)

Anyhoot, that's my day... how's yours?

Oh, and did you check out Shan's and Ann's new sites?


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