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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Monday, June 20, 2005 It's gotta be the heat

...causing this mental meltdown. And no, I'm not blogging to moan and bitch, but rather, muse out loud about why my normal routine has suddenly become decidedly well, unsatisfying.
It started last week, ya know, when I blogged about getting out of the draft on the yahoo groups. Since then I've logged, read pages of posts, but felt zip inspiration to post. I *want* to comment, to let other's know I'm listening, but how does one post *quiet person in the corner nodding head*?

It's not just that. I'm not visiting my local haunts. Yesterday I googled everything and anything, looking for that elusive *it* factor. Am I burned out on internet? *gasp* is that POSSIBLE? I mean, I hit the fan sites I secret too when no ones looking (a girl needs inspiration right?) While I certainly appreciated the aesthetic quality of its content, the site held my interest for nary five minutes. Email: empty. Current WIP, meh. I even went to Pogo. Yes, me, bad, bad Mel. I played three games of freecell, a game of video poker and then closed the window. I *could* have played word whomp, but by this time I realized I wanted something that didn't require actual thought. And we won't mention the edits in my inbox. I really SHOULD do those, ya know?

Anyone ever experienced this phenomenon? (did I spell that right?)
Is there a cure?
Maybe I should go camping with Shannon. I need a good laugh like the whole bug spray in beer bottle episode.... but that reminds me of the brave squirrel who thinks my husband is its pet. I'll have to blog about THAT soon.

Posted by Melani Blazer :: 1:11 PM :: 3 comments

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