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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Monday, June 27, 2005 Done!

When it comes to rough drafts, I dare say that other than those first half dozen books residing in the dark recesses of my computer's hard drive, this has GOT to be the roughest rough draft yet. First, my fault. A bit of preplotting would have been nice, because I sort of learned as I went and morphed the plot as I went. *meep*

And we won't mention I went over targeted word count by ten thousand words. Ten thousand. Considering the finished size, that's substantial. Discipline avoids me. Either that or I'm a word whore and a plot whore. But I guess I've been called worse.

(Read a scathing review on Amazon today for Dante's Relic. Talk about being called worse, geesh. Thanks. Thanks a lot. *coughs up hairball and puts in reviewers coffee* No, really, thanks...)

On the plus side, I got contracts in the mail for my two upcoming Vampire books through Ellora's Cave. The Last Bite will be features in the September release of Tails from the Temple 3. *YAY* and Haunted Redemption will be part of the Things That Go Bump in the Night Anthology with two very special authors, Cynthia Williams and BJ McCall! *big grin*

Now, on to editing those and trying to figure out what to work on after that. I've got a shapeshifter, a sort of shapeshifter (inanimate object, lol) and well, a bevy of idea files just waiting for the muse to start playing with. *IF* the muse will start talking. Maybe Witch-lit. That one's begging for my attention. But Edits first, then I'll let you know....

Til then, ciao and happy reading!
Mel (who thinks the spellchecker on this blog is on drugs.... you want to turn Ellora's into WHAT?)

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