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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Wednesday, July 06, 2005 Since this is the procrastination place...

I thought I'd let you know what I've been doing (aka, not writing or editing) The only bad thing is that my editor knows the location of my blog *waves to Bree*...

But, I consider it research--NO, not that kind, tho I suppose it wouldn't be wrong to say that did occupy a bit of my time this last weekend *g*.... totally TMI, I know, I know. Jaci's fault, she's SOOO rubbed off on me.

Anyway, anyone who knows me knows I LURVE middle ages stuff. As in, we have swords--real, sharp, heavy swords--decorating our medieval style basement. (And this hunky picture of Adrian Paul in a kilt, but I digress...) So, I've been eyeing up this book, A Connecticut Fashionista in King Arthur's Court, since RT, where I won it (Thanks Marianne Mancusi for your generosity!!!)...

Honestly? I like chick lit, really I do. And I like historical. I have to say I was definitely skeptical that I was going to appreciate THIS. And as an under-educated chick lit fan, I will honestly tell you that I've NO clue what the hell Manolo's are, other than some brand of shoe. Never seen a pair, and I'd NEVER, EVER pay more than $50 for a pair of shoes--and those will be top of the line cross trainers with the SWOOSH on em, thanks. So right there, I cannot empathize with some little NY snob running around whining about scuffing some leather. Get OVER it, k?

Thank goodness I never had to do that with Marianne Mancusi's creation, Kat. While there were a few moments I rolled my eyes, it wasn't so bad that I wanted to kick Kat's ass and just take Lance for myself. Talk about a freaking wet dream. Lance was HOT. More than hot. Daaaaaaayum. I mentioned I liked swords right? Hot men carrying swords REALLY do it for me. *pant*pant* Okay, so we've established I don't wanna kill Kat and could so do Lance, so what about plot?

It's great, really...I loved the visuals, the true grit that Mancusi painted. It wasn't all fairy talish or over done. Camelot was indeed, real, with it's drawbacks and benefits--it fit the story and even better, fit the image in my mind. Being familiar with the legend (at least a dozen versions of it) I have to say I had my own sense of dying to know how she made it work. While I truly suspected what was going to happen to foil things, I wasn't disappointed when it happened, because there was much more to it.

Only thing that disappointed was the very ending. Damn. I'd worked myself up to see..well, what she led us to believe we were going to see, and wham--- HUH? Marianne, dearest, tell me you DO intend to write the sequel for this....

My opinion? Read it, love it, email Marianne and ask when book two hits the shelves.
The bottom line--it felt more like a romance than a chick-lit. Swear to God. But that's a good thing for me. :)

Posted by Melani Blazer :: 7:08 PM :: 1 comments

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