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Mel's Procrastination Palace
Wednesday, July 20, 2005 I suppose I should blog

...about something. I was thinking of talking about the benefits of critique partners, having FINALLY had the chance to exchange chapters with my long time friend and CP Jaci Burton. But since I know she'll be the first to comment with two words "It's crap," I won't tell you how awed I am by her wonderful imagination and inspired I am by her brilliant characterization is. I think *I* learn from reading and critting her stories as much as I hope she takes from any notes I make.

The muse visited me the other morning, hijacking any thoughts I had of starting the gigantuan task of rewriting my first book. (A monstrosity that will never see light of day in the state its in, but one I love wholeheartedly.) Instead, while showering, the entire story popped into my head and characters started babbling. I barely dried off, toss on my robe and sat in front of my computer, spewing ideas onto a blank Word doc until I was nearly late for work. (And talk about having a bad hair day--I totally skipped all my normal morning routines for the sake of bowing to the muse's demands. Bitch.

Mornings are dedicated, mostly, to gabbing with the breakfast bitches over cyber coffee. Some days we live up to our name, other days we're just a bunch of women sharing websites, discussing blog entries and good books. I couldn't imagine a morning without this little social gathering.

And with that, I should get back to work. Just got the bottom line on my daughter's orthodontic bill yesterday. O.M.G. Guess I'll keep the day job a little longer...

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